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Well, shoot. :-/

Yup. June 16th, as advertised and outed.

August 29th. Two months after DMing her "winners". Pretending to "search" fan TLs for a winner. Huh.

Oh, and let's not forget this.
Guess one sham contest was just too much work to pull off another?

SOTB contest "winners" declared Sept. 3rd.
Do the math people. Looking forward to how this one gets explained away.

Ah, those wacky former Nutty lieutenants.
Never change. I need the laughs. #StillFired

*snorting* #StillFired

Needs more sequins. :D

Yesterday was Grooming Day. Pip and Tiny got summer buzzes. This is the Boy covered in Tiny's 20 lbs of butt fur.

My sister & I having summer fun in days of yore. I'm in white.Yes, mom made us wear swim caps in the kiddie pool.

Ha! The craft store, had this. With the pottery and spinning wheels. #childhood

And their neighbors/best friends.

There were a couple versions. We had this Family, and also the house, the country store, and the family bicycle.


and this too. ;D

Happy Birthday my darling !

First look at #BatFleck. Whoopty cow pies.
Man can't act his way out of a paper bag IMO, sorry.

I couldn't wear these but I absolutely love them.