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Kaspersky USB Rescue Disk Maker does not seem to work with kav_rescue_10.iso says one of the files in the .iso is

What would cause to not load and the screen just be a white space no content?

An ad that uses references

Time to delete the VM, Win 8 expire & office 2013 too expired

Here is what I have

Java for OS X 2013-001 is 66.6 mb also has a malware removal tool

in the upper right, the notification is not supposed to stay

has some very badly screwed up ads

How can an iPod be $14900….

Microsoft Bing suggests Google Maps…

found a google street view spot that looks like the camera on top of the car

#googlgemapsfail Google maps places 2 business way off in the middle of a park and one on a beach

Here you go

Message beta expiration notice, beta uninstaller is 40.6 mb


Its the same one I have mentioned before should read: "ATI, RADEON X1600"

#EpicFail Numbers are not a word

the bug, screenshot from a few seconds ago

A speedtest from Saturday there

No way this is broadband internet speeds

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