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Thomas the Train overload!

Santa brought me the whole island of Sodor! Kick ass Santa!

Frosty, the snowma ...crunch

Uh-oh, the sugar rush just kicked in!

Pleeeease can I get a Thomas & Friends set for Christmas?

Momma got me a sweet hoodie!

Hello, yes, down here! I would like to check in please.

I just got to the hotel and I'm helping with mommy's suitcase

Rest little water park. You'll need it. Charlie Bonney will be here in 3 days!

I'm teaching what an F-Stop is

Can I interest you in a strawberry?

I need my shades this morning. I was up all night! (for no particular reason)

Too fast for photography!

Dear fellow 1yr olds, you will never catch me now that I have found the secret to hyper speed!

I had a sweet snack date with Julep today!

Today was the best ride to school all week. I saw a bus AND a fire truck! Holy crap, what a day!

I'm ready to hit the lake this July 4!

Cheering on my daddy...yeah, he was 1st out of the water!

Oh come on! My HMO is freakin' ridiculous.

Excuse me, garcon! Do these 'to go' boxes come in a larger size?