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Dual chamber pacemaker with paradoxical under sensing despite large p waves? Maybe it’s quiet timer blanking! #MDT

These WalMart Great Value brand cookies are incredible knockoff Girl Scout Cookies.

no. Have heard Asirvatham talk about DFTs and doing them. Great table on p. 380 of this book about it.

nice. I got it in this cardiotext bundle thingy at HRS last year. Actually forgot I had it.

Example of resetting in AVNRT to help identify residual slow pathway after initial RF lesions. PAC 20msec after HISd

SC ICD implant. Kept going in CS. Seriously rotated heart. AP view post implant. RAO 35 looked like true AP.

2 atrial inputs, 1 pathway, Left lateral #AVRT. #parahisian

2 atrial inputs, 1 pathway, Left lateral #AVRT. #parahisian

Winning. Gone in 570 msec. #wpw #APpotential #RF #ablation

Max Page and Shaun White have had tetralogy of fallot repair and doing great. #nowyouknow #congenital #heart #disease

not just any cloth. #radiationsafety

not just any cloth. #radiationsafety

yes it is. Had someone make me a cap essentially with same dimensions as a radpad. Has a special pouch.

. Great talk. Nailed it. “Critical. Appraisal. ICD.” #HRS2013

So yeah, there is a big blue bear outside the convention center. Neat. #HRS2013

a patient and her husband showed me their e-cigs in clinic. Mentioned that some insurance covers. Is this true?

Snoopy sign in congenital absence of pericardium. #neat #boardreview

Hellooo brownie batter donut

2k already. 3 x 1 mileish, 4min rest with

Aldi, $0.29 advocado