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  • 273 days ago via site
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From the #Ben10Omniverse giveaway from #DCComics

  • 614 days ago via site
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My new response to idiots on the Interwebz.

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Behold the Twitter power of lupus... #HouseFinale #House

  • 695 days ago via site
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Hey, look what turned up in the mail today... #SecretProject

  • 710 days ago via site
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15 years ago, I married my best friend, the woman who stood by me in my darkest days & made more the brightest.

  • 742 days ago via site
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Rest In Peace, Moebius. #SilverSurfer #Comics

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Merry Rex-Mas, everyone! #GeneratorRex #DCComics #Comics

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The Ninth Doctor is in the house! #DoctorWho

Inside the Battelle Grand ballroom during #MidOhioCon set-up. BATMOBILE!!! #Batman

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It was a long, long road for this tiny little table. #MidOhioCon

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Missed your copy of CARTOON NETWORK ACTION PACK 61? Better hit your local Barnes and Noble...

The April PREVIEWS comics catalog is up and I've already filled yours out for you turn in your order.

  • 1114 days ago via site
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Santa Claus confers with his military generals on his plan to attack the city of Columbus #Youbetterwatchout

  • 1259 days ago via site
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Do I really want to know what's in the food here?

This is not at all creepy. Nope, not at all...

This is how you beat the heat of a 95-degree day...

  • 1364 days ago via phone
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(SIGH) I wish they'd hurry up and make a LOST movie already...

  • 1376 days ago via site
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