A Libyan pro-freedom and pro-democracy fighter. #Halwasa is my middle name and I'm allergic to conspiracy theorists, tyranny and nonsense. PS: #iKilledGaddafi

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Lol.. Soug al jumaa FF car :) #epic

Found these on my rooftop... One of them narrowly missed the AC... Stop celebratory gunfire, it kills. #Tripoli #libya

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Another view of the massive demonstrations in Benghazi today. This is koosh square #libya #feb17

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Two more pictures of today's crowds in Benghazi - hundreds of thousands of people are said to be out #libya

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One of Benghazi's roads earlier today as people started collecting and flocking towards the main squares #libya

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Live images from Benghazi's freedom square (courthouse) right now - thousands more still arriving #libya #feb17

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love according to gaddafi #libya #feb17

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Libya - Stage 3 coming soon #libya #feb17

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Libya's amazing infrastructure: This is what happens in Tripoli when it rains for an hour #libya #feb17

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Nafousa: A map of the military situation in Nafousa mountains and who controls what. #libya #feb17 #zintan

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BREAKING: LATEST pictures of NATO's PSYOPS flyers, dropped on Gaddafi troops in Zliten #libya #feb17 TRANSLATION:

1) NATO's forces will take all necessary measures to destroy military vehicles which may threaten civilians. Stop and retreat from fighting NOW because when you see this helicopter it will be too late.

2) There is nowhere to hide. It is not too late to stop fighting and retreat. If you continue to threaten civilians you will be destroyed.

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Let's play some chess #gaddafi #libya

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Rough sketch of current front lines in Misrata and "Tuesday market" area is the red square #libya #misrata #feb17

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Misrata... names of some of today's martyrs... list is still being filled in.. #libya #feb17 #gaddaficrimes

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Tripoli: Red is BabAlAziziya, Blue is Gharghour (mil/official housing) #libya #feb17 (see pic for more)
Yellow is the military barracks often targeted by NATO
The Rixos is highlighted in Green.
Gharghour was barely targeted by NATO because it's mostly homes, but the homes are those of high ranking military officials and Gaddafi relatives. Extremely expensive palaces.
Red is obviously Bab Al Aziziya, a roughly 6 kilometre squared compound at the end of Airport highway.

Google maps link:

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One of Bryan Denton's iconic pictures... Misrata's streets, back in April. #libya #feb17

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"My first shower in 42 years, how do I look? :D" #gaddafi #libya

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