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Sports reporter/copy editor for the @UnionLeader; executive editor of @TheNewHampshire; former @NESN intern; Nebraska, college football fan.

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#UNH football is on ESPN3 (aka internet). So here is our set up complete with surround sound and two 15-inchers:

Guess who accompanied the Cup? Rene Rancourt. Rocked a red white and blue vest and went with the rare three fist pumps.

I was wondering why there were so many #Bruins jerseys at the #UML - #UNH game. Then I saw the Stanley Cup:

Lady next to me just won $88,000 on dollar slots. She screamed at me in excitement. I'm trying not to act jealous.

Looking through my gallery, I forgot I took this picture of #Nebraska and #PennSt in prayer together before their game.

I'm thinking this two lane road that leads to the stadium could probably be expanded:

Very cool to see todays front page of my employer, the #NH , on display in front of the Newseum in DC.

Not a bad way to celebrate Veterans Day -- beautiful day at the Washington Monument:

Found my way to the .

Front page of tomorrows . Big news: drug raid at frat ends with 11 arrests. Page features 10 mugshost:

. just brought our college AP general excellence award to 's office. Thrilled to see it:

The band is on the ice at #UNH. So far no one has fallen -- not even the flag girls. Call that a success.

Story about 2 frats losing recognition in tomorrows TNH. Tell me this headline isn't great (note: it has been changed).

My girlfriend () bought me tickets to the PennSt-Nebraska game for my 21st birthday. Yes, that's awesome.

In the middle of a #NH floodwatch, the local chinese restaurant has its sprinklers on:

Just getting to this now, but great Sunday feature (and design) about the state of the economy:

I'm convinced installed these today because they knew I would get nothing done if they were here earlier:

So I may never live this down from my college roommates, but here is a weird-posed picture of me on the #Segway:

Another picture my brother took from the plane of the #shuttle. This time with the wing in it:

My brother was flying to Miami and took this awesome picture of the #shuttle from his window seat:

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