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I may live in central Florida but that doesn't stop me from having some

Mallory and dancing at Illuminations

I think somebody's dessert is kicking in

Mallory is getting driving lessons from back seat driver

Time to see if the muscle memory is still there to fly and operate the CRJ-200. 4 hour simulator session in the box

Yes, it's true. I am completely in love with these two beauties. I am so lucky to have them in my life

Juan Del Castillo of making sure that the Wheel in the Sky Keeps On Turnin

Finally getting to see on 2nd day in a row although a little weather delayed

what's this new antenna on beam 170? I've never noticed this

One of the best meal deals at Walt Disney World is at Sanaa:

Great show by . Welcome to the WDW lineup! I think we shall come back tomorrow for more


So apparently & are spamming checked bags with 7Dwarves ads. All bags get these @ MCO

Whoever said a Toyota Prius is a small car never put 240' of pipe in it

It seems is the only person with the power to get Kayla to dance

Nemo Mallory is singing again today

Every time I see the Animal Kingdom parade, it gets rained out. I've never seen it. It starts in 10 minutes....

Holy cow I'm glad I'm not flying any more today. This looks like an air routing disaster in the works

I just found this in our hotel lobby. Oh Canada you so strange

I see your plane parked next to me