I kinda fancy Taylor Swift, Kristen Stewart and Nicola Roberts x

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Attractive or what?!

here ya go :-)


personally I find this extremely amusing

Why hello there Mr Malik, how are you doing on this fine evening?

I enjoy this fine specimen as my phone wallpaper.

I took a picture in 's mirror

Lisa loves ironing. #LisaUpdate #Confirmed

I'm so attractive that you're totes gonna tweet me x x x x (note sarcasm)


Will always be one of my favourite pictures even though my face is caked in make-up.

I'm guessing I accidently took this. But I like it. So yar. He's a picture of my hair.

you know you wanna put this as your icon. The likeness is uncanny ;)

I'm proud of this.. #askBeau

maybe I'm the next Picasso? #askBeau

Personally I think my sister's wedding cake was the best. You just can't beat Super Mario.

Thinking of you

holy fuck