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Writer. Editor. Performer. Sassbunny. Lover of life. English language acupuncturist. I'm a weaponized, tech-literate Strunk & White, baby.

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Sketching in class. Helps me survive 3 hour lectures.

I'm not sure what makes me happier: the 15 year old band playing here on Sparks street, or their two groupies trying to mosh.

Authorization aside, how did he get in there? #strangesigns

(Gustave is my mustachioed rabbit and our official team pet/ ladykiller for the year.) Look how charming he is:

My team is gone. Now it's just Gustave and me.

Scotiabank Place is a sea of red admiration right now. #sens #alfie #hnic

I also bought this as a cheeky farewell gift for my rezlife supervisor (not on Twitter so I can share):

Cthulhu calamari!!

This spelling error is plaguing grocery stores all over. Editing is important; thousands of the product are being distributed!

Literary research is full of little surprises. Take the title of this journal article, for instance.

Lastly, Kurtis cupcakes:

Cupcakes by :

Tiffany and her cupcakes:

Cupcakes by Daniel:

Cupcakes by Jo-Ann:

The cupcakes of :

Lauren and her neon-themed cupcakes:

Some cupcake artistes and their work:

I wasn't expecting free tickets to be 3 rows from the pit. Nice. Jason is my hero.

"Keep calm and have a cupcake"