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I think I'm Marc Jacobs, I think I'm Lagerfeld. How could somethin' so gangsta be so pretty in pictures? I'm freaky, huh? Rockstar life.

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This wasn't even intentional. I paused it whilst I spoke to my Dad. Oh, Britney.

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LOLOL, yes, Aberdeen, you're my choice. I see that. Hello.

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nooope. I'm apparently not me. Faaail

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evidence that I done it... :D

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this Callie face is FAHBYOOLUS

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Yeah, I KNOW, RIGHT. Au Naturale ladies and gentlemen.

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I LOVE THE BEACH! :D St Andrews :D Today. I got rather wet, but it was lovely today, so yeah. It was amaaazing.

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DAMN RIGHT I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I might even make it my desktop, idk, I might!

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Oh Hai impressing me with her mad skillzz in the kitchen

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Oh maaah booooy

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OMG, he looks eviiiiil. But the lulz. His 'funny' faces

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This is our 'sad faces', THIS IS WHY HE'S MY LIFE!!

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People of the world, THIS is why I have big hair in general; my straight hair is a FAIL. I can't even. Oh yeah, no make-up. Happy days for you.

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Can I ask when the fuck I took this?!? What the hell is my face?!

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Then when I was home, I went up to RyRy's house and basically had some special juice whilst we had major bantz. It was amazing, I got home at some hour of this morning and it was amazing. There were many other events of the few days but it's all 'what happened on this trip, stays on this trip' so, y'know! Bad times for you, guiz!

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We had a bbq and we had wine and errything. Twas the perfect summer's day. We then had to go home, cause y'know, you have to!

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The next day after sleeping on matresses on the floor we went for walks in the forest, and it was HOT AS HELL, so we got cooled down in the burns and rivers! :D

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With chickens and ERRYTHAANG. And ducks, we called them 'Chick' and 'Duck' I know, right. We're THAT original.

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So then after dramz we got back on a train and then ended up on a farm. Yes, A FARM. Fuck yeah. (Hence the no signal to text Chloe before her mental breakdown)

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