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My imagination tends to go on acid trips without consulting me. And I spin fire. It's no big deal. Poncho enthusiast.

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All this fake bacon IS TOO MUCH FOR ME TO HANDLE. #LiveTweeting #Drunkscapades

Youz invited 2 da fake-bacon-drunk-fest...if u can figure out where I live #LiveTweeting #Drunkscapades

This girl is attempting to learn how to unicycle. #ItsNotGoingWell

This lady is attempting to give unicycle lessons /show off and is note patting her crotch like shes in. pain. #NIU


We may have a problem. I saw the wrong couch. THIS is the couch she found . #NotSureHowIFeelAboutThis

Either my boyfriend is turning into a #velociraptor or he found a shriveled old carrot in the fridge...

I told my mom that, as a #vegetarian, I need to watch my protein intake. This was her response.

Guess what my favorite beer is? Go ahead, guess! #LivingLarge jk. No I'm not I'm just in #college

#ThatAwkwardMomentWhen you dont have space for all your #hulahoops&they end up sadly chilling behind your door #HippieProblems

Using a fork to stir my coffee cuz my roommates don't no how 2 dishez. #CollegeProblems

Guess someone got so #frustrated w/ all the clocks being the wrong time in Reavis Hall that they finally snapped and ripped one out the wall

Might be time for new winter shoes. Now the debate: stilettos, crocs, or raccoon carcasses w/ holes in the stomach? #ConverseServedMeWell

This lady at the #FrenchMarket in was wearing a leopard print fez. I feel really out of the #fashion loop

Every hedgehog should have a tiny santa hat. Itz like a law or something. #adorbs #SQUEE

A variety of #african mammals.disclaimer: hedgehog not to scale.

Ignore the hot mess on the left. This tweet is about #dreadlock #appreciation

Doesn't get much more #hipster than this. #LivingLarge

One of the only good things about #NIU's newaspaper is this comic strip. And 's doodles

Quillvia Plath is making #ApartmentHunting difficult. Hedgehogs scare landlords, I guess. HOW CAN U BE SCARED OF DIS FACE?!

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