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The writer of Ep 309, Shalisha, watches a take with her dad.

  • 1372 days ago via site
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How many Castle crew members does it take to dry a footprint in Ep 311? So far... 8.

  • 1377 days ago via site
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Nathan and Molly with their furry co-host who was keeping in shape between takes. The rat never broke character.

  • 1378 days ago via site
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Halloween at Castle! Pumpkin carving, costumes, and of course…BBQ.

  • 1387 days ago via site
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What secrets could Castle creator Andrew Marlowe have revealed? I’m not saying…

  • 1392 days ago via site
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In the Prod. Office, Jarboe rewrites the schedule b/c he doesn’t like Rob’s handwriting. So Rob & Lindsey did this

  • 1393 days ago via site
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I got to keep a broken prop mug from Ep 218, but it got lost when we moved offices! Today it has been recovered!

  • 1401 days ago via site
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What did our Ep 304 Extra, Bryan, say to offend our Writer’s Assistant, Kate? I hope they’re still friends.

  • 1407 days ago via site
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Seamus and Jim rehearse their moves in a fight scene from last night's episode.

  • 1407 days ago via site
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Saw this parked outside one of our stages. Nice.

  • 1414 days ago via site
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Do not pass go, do not collect $200, do not get caught talking during a take.

  • 1422 days ago via site
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It's Pirate Day on the Castle set. Do you think he has the keys to the jail?

  • 1432 days ago via site
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It's a nice day outside, why not have a BBQ at work?

  • 1446 days ago via site
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Here’s our set for the day. Wonder what (or who) they plan on digging up?

  • 1449 days ago via site
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Theme Shirt Friday on the Castle set: Rock Shirts! Even the little ones are showing their support!

  • 1453 days ago via site
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The Sprinkles cupcake truck just drove up for the crew, courtesy of Nathan! Who wouldn't want a little sugar from Nathan?

  • 1454 days ago via site
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Who is that behind the lights?

  • 1454 days ago via site
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Our Time Machine... when would you like to go? Forward or Reverse? And why?

  • 1456 days ago via site
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A couple of cool dudes hanging out on the costume trailer ramp.

  • 1460 days ago via site
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