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Social Media Diva @boloco, went to Indy to report for #OCNN with @ochocinco, @geraldini93, @jones_drew32, and @motorola! Now back in Boston.

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sock fail!

My MAC makeup came in the mail already! I'm way too excited... Yay for gold shadow in time for the holidays!

Mmmm, CQB pasta! yes, I made this last week for the 1st episode of #Cassidelicious - video coming soon!

Post-yoga greek salad with capers artichoke hearts, lemon pepper, and fried egg. Mmmm! #perfection

. these are Teddygrams! And yes, they are delish!

Greek salad with lemon pepper, capers, and a fried egg! Happy late-night dinnertime!

Yep. Told u I hadn't been grocery shopping in a long time! Hahah (jk, I just hadn't checked IN since 2010)

Iris (Android version of Siri) says I should go to bed at 3am... Hmm... #fail

Apparently I got my with a side of fat tonight :( Not the usual quality sandwich.

. presenting at the #smwarriors panel. Awesome pieces! I want to buy some...!

. speaking at the #smwarriors panel! #sorryitssideways

Line of ppl waiting to talk to after the #BBJpanel. OMG ur like sooooii popular!! ;)

It's basically a bread bowl... But made of rolls... Same thing, right? Haha #icantcook

my studio... Aka my living room... Things that happen when isn't home! Haha

The beginning of the green screen wall! Art by !

My burrito is aspiring to be Steve today. Came back from the bathroom and found it disguised as an apple.

First time having a breakfast bowl. Yum! #ilovemyjob

Remember that time my shoe actually fell apart while running a errand with ? #fail #workingtoohard

Attempting to re-learn how to use a PC... 1st day at , new computer!

Break time at ! And breakfast burrito time...!