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I just saw this outside Leadership Square...

Valentine's Day is approaching. Guys, do not fall for this:

Funny joke, Facebook, you got me. Go ahead and let's resume as normal...ok?

Gas explosion in SW OKC. Checkout this photo of the destruction by :

Seriously Vocus? I just got this email....apparently, you did not, in fact, read my tweet.

This weekend I got to take my 91yr old grandma to the (and Crystal Bridge). :) #ForeverMemories

I found the perfect gift to give your child for Christmas, as long as you don't mind them having nightmares: #KCCO

For an instant nightmare tonight, click on this photo:

Is yelling at you like it's yelling at me?

I really need to go back and watch Wayne's World again soon. #KCCO

Boom (pun intended). Thanks, Wayne.

No more full hamburger pizza. How about this "Pizza Roll Bagel Bite Pizza" instead?

When will or offer one of these? #KCCO

Place this in the "I would never do that" category. #KCCO

This ad just came up on my Facebook feed via ...and the one word should be " #Obesity "

Halloween Group Costume Award goes to these Nintendo nerds: #KCCO

2 World Championships in 3 yrs w/ no super stars except maybe Lincecum who had terrible year. Take that, .

The 10-Day Forecast (showing our wedding day). We can plan for some good weather for our outdoor special event. :)

I like this one:

Forget everything I mentioned about the download only taking 25 minutes: