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Street journalist for Occupy Wall Street.

Photos and Videos by @CarrieM213

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#WBCounterdemo in #TimesSq. :) #QueerBloc

Happy New Year's from Zuccotti Park and Occupy Wall Street!

Almost midnight in Zuccotti! About 100 people peacefully chillin' here. #ows

I CANNOT EXPRESS how laughable it is that like 100 cops came to babysit 50 or so occupiers.

There are like 40 people chatting quietly in Zuccotti, and a bunch of cops just rolled up. #lulz

At least 100 people here for the prison noise demo. Prisoners seem really happy to get support.

NYPD just made us briefly move to let a car pass. Back now. #noisedemo

The cops obviously have a directive to be hands-off our prison noise demo. Good.

The classic "Burn the Prison Society" banner. #noisedemo

We just moved around to where Jeremy Hammond's window is. #freeJeremy #noisedemo

I am making noise with the same horn I used for this last NYE. :) #noisedemo

NYC prison noise demo. Silhouettes of inmates responding.

Just got to the prison noise demo in NYC. Great turnout! #solidarity

Christmas in NYC. Skaters in Bryant Park. Keep thinking of #OWS protests we've staged from here. :)

The rally is breaking up to go to smaller actions. The ever-present barricades. #fastfoodfwd #ows

Oh hey, Rude Mechanical Orchestra is here! #ows #fastfoodfwd

Speaker from the Carpenters Union firing up the crowd saying they built this city. #fastfoodfwd #ows

Speakers are acknowledging the ironic backdrop of corporate lights in #TimesSq. #fastfoodfwd #ows

There is a "freedom cage" but a lot of protesters are ignoring it. #fastfoodfwd #ows

Unions out in force at this action. Some speakers rallying in Spanish, as well. #ows #fastfoodfwd