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So this is happening

Omg we're getting eaten by zombies and it's only the first turn


I like and 's house because the is down the street (today ;)!!!


So. It has come to this.

2nd period brought to you by Technical Difficulties

Thank you !!! The googly eyes really add something to our doge :)

Is that you, ? says he can see your toothbrush from here

imma make you regret this ;)

We really exist now!

Ahhh that's why :) well played, coworkers :)

And why is there scotch tape on the wrapper?

Hmm, why is this chocolate bar I left on my desk kinda... lumpy?

Totally just got a gorgeous latte penis

Sleeping with her tongue sticking out :3

Balls. Yes, I know I deserve it.

Dawww I kinda missed you, buddy