Happiness is: America, Star Trek, Superheroes, Reading, Football/NFL, Wine, Modeling/Acting, UMichigan, Terrapins, Wizards, Lightsabers & PROTECTING THIS HOUSE.

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Me & at brunch last week!!

Nah ;) RT “: You need a #thunderbuddy or nah? RT CarmenTS: Thunder is crazy in #DC right now...”

She hasn't texted me back yet... maybe that wasn't the best response??? #Word

Training Camp is very secretive!!!! #GoTerps #UMD

I got 36.4 seconds in the canoe race on Google Doodles!!! Lol... Ok. Time for work!!!

: apparently, there are people out there getting 45 nshit...aliens.”---Really?

: hey boo”

13 flavors of Cheerios?! Ashamed to say i've only tried 5 of them!!! #Cheerios

First song to come up on my shuffle as I'm leaving work... it's gonna be a nice evening :) #Luther

Here are some more views!!!! #GoTerps #UMD #TerpNation

Lol... no logical reason why this mannequin had to be so big... I'm 5'8" & i'm dwarfed! This new helmet is SWAG, tho!!!

Heat, I tell you. IN HEAT. #RyanBailey #Olympics2012 #Olympics #TeamUSA

There's something so relaxing about ironing... serene almost. I never understand why so many people dislike it.

Sunday FUNDAY. My last hurrah before training camp! With Dr. Fumbles at the Dirty Martini in #DupontCircle

i know ;-)

Really bro??? smh...

Lady at the Clinique counter gave me 5 free brushes when i bought my mascara! I was so gassed, lol.

good to know before i bought a ticket!!! LOL!

this will never not be funny!!! #StarWars

Geez this was made in 1997!!!