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Attempts amusement. Sometimes pulls it off! Currently filming @SOTR_Movie . Need a host for your event? Check out my site.

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Hi I'm Marvin and while presenting #TheVoice my mind wanders.

I've gone

T'old #Marvin is trying to think good thoughts

I wonder if he even knows he is dressed like a street urchin.


We've all been there eh?

Info courtesy of

Ahhhhh a welcome home cuddle with Rita and Fernando.

KimJong-un is a proper geezer. Jailing people that don't adopt his hair style, when I'm in power I'm going to do same

Hear discuss his disgust with these types of "trou" here ---->

best phone on the market goes tits up, I hate to say I told you so but......

I had an Ashcroft session int garden earlier, listened to this. Great minds eh.

Worked my arse off int back garden me. I'm getting there! #thaknows

Worked my arse off int back garden me. I'm getting there! #thaknows

wrong, sale on

I think I've finally calmed down after watching Marvin last night. Look at his clean dead inside head though........

You don't see "Winton" and "Gunnell" in the same place very often do you? #justSayin

T'old Shambles piles in the club

I need lil waiter suits for me two cats? URGENT can anyone help, Think ----->

Don't you just love a countdown, I personally hate them and find them annoying. 10 mins to go!

New website tease