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Um, LinkedIn decided to offer me this ad with a logo which appears frighteningly familiar.

Farewell, .

Wow…Amazon Prime is reading my mind. Just talked about love for The Truman Show at dinner last night, and here it is!

Was excited to see and/or as a trending topic. Alas, this trend isn't happy like them. :/

I see FB has changed reporting yet again. Wonder if they'll actually start taking action…?

At least I've learned from that Mercury is Retrograde. Most challenging tech day in months for many.

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Many days later, iTunes Match is complete. Great way to save space on my iDevices for the stuff I really want.

  • 1348 days ago via site
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Coincidence, eh? I quite like the image that you'll be "at home here." Sounds quite comfy!

  • 1381 days ago via site
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May be time to switch to Internet. Or dialup! Thoughts on dysfunctional DSL, ?

  • 1385 days ago via site
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Hello, #iOS5 in process! Looking forward to spending quality time together.

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I see I'm not the only person excited to give Sprint a try. Glad I got in my #iPhone4S pre-order early.

Didn't know anything other than Classic existed...and apparently, neither does the App Store.

ah, gotcha. Doesn't appear as an option for me.

Well looky, there you are on the homepage!

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Um, does just sometimes randomly decide whom you'd like to follow? Like..."Brownie"?!

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Dear Google: please create products that allow people to use non-Gmail addresses. This is just silly.

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Oh, look! I won a signed book and t-shirt in 's Treasure Hunt! #AJCDBF

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How is this even possible? You were prolly there before I was born. :)

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hey, look what Young Eliot is putting up at ! #DecaturGA cc: (as he walks by)

are you EVER going to remove this fake warning? Clicking Not there still crashes the app.