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Farrier , 100% 18 year track record Not One Single Lame Horse, Due to methods not taught in the schools or textbooks. Giving these secrets to others

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#horses age by teeth

Nasty out here - i'm talkin hydroplane weather - SLOW DOWN !

Cocoa ball for christmas from Africa - gift from my nephew (=

This guy was pretty aggressive yesterday while i was getting live crab in Princeton

Pelican wanting scraps

#Crab from princeton harbor

This why i live n Calif. Thnx gramma for bringin mom here & yu comin from Italy

Old Greeves @ Alices Restaurant today #Motorcycles

I am Hongray !

#Motorcycle show @ San Mateo fairgrounds

#Motorcycle show at San Mateo fairgrounds

Sausalito Marina Art Car

Watching the movie thrive at the Oneness group

My buddy while shoeing - had to sniff everything in my hand- hammer / nails/ nipper / rasp - very boldly , i wanna doggy

Oh yeah - nothin like goin out to a steaming hot tub first thing on a cold morning - huh? Lol

First time in 20 years #Horse actually bit me - little stinker

#Nadeau #Sensei after Aikido class dinner

Oh its just a glorius morning in Moss Beach

Settin up for tonights #Deeksha - Oneness

Crossin the golden gate bridge (thats actually red) to shoe #horses - this day still rampin up