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Hater: "Taylor Swift is unsuccessful and untalented." Me:

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Click the link if you want Taylor Swift's autograph.

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"On the Melbourne show when she sang to a koala bear she said her curly hair was just a phase." OMG PLEASE SAY THIS ISN'T TRUE.

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This was literally me when Taylor was making her acceptance speech for Entertainer of the year.

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Omg Kevin McGuire recently posted this picture on his Facebook! He's so cute, I hope he gets well soon <33

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Omg, one of the presenters at the ACM's called Taylor 'Taylor Smith' her reaction is priceless!

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Me and Taylor have so much in common.

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Literally shaking with rage at this stupid comment. I think you'll find that Taylor doesn't always wrote about the same things. Yes, she does write the majority about being in love but even then none of the songs are similar. For example, Ours is about loving someone despite everyone else despising the relationship. Back To December is about regretting decisions and wishing that you could go back to a specific moment. Mine is the complete opposite and is about kind of tendency to run from love. The song is sort of about finding the exception to that and finding someone who would make you believe in love and realize that it could work out. Just because they're love songs, doesn't necessarily mean its about the same kind of love. Not only does Taylor wrote about Love songs, but about growing and and realising that things wont last forever. Secondly, you must be freaking deaf if you're saying that Taylor can't sing live. Listen to the Speak Now live CD, she sounds flawless and almost identical to the studio versions. Thirdly, there is no 'good girl act'. Taylor isn't putting on a mask and pretending to be someone that she's not. She isn't scared to be herself. She writes songs about situations that she's been through. Taylor has always been the same person. When she started in the music industry, she was a down to earth, respectful girl that she still is 7 years later. May I just add that the majority of teenagers that first stated in the industry couldn't handle the fame and it went straight to their heads. They didn't appreciate their fans and they spent all their money on irrelevant crap like mansions, drugs or sports cars. And Taylor Swift? Fame hasn't changed her ONE bit. As for her fans, at EVERY SINGLE award show, she always thanks us. Why? Because we've been with her through every thing. We're the reason that she's here today. Taylor holds a meet an d greet after every concert, she hugs people in the audience, she even held a 13 HOUR LONG MEET AND GREET. As for the money? Taylor doesn't buy clothes, cars or waste it on drugs. She donates it to charity. She sent money to Tornado victims and to local schools and libraries. As for the fake reactions, WHAT DO YOU FREAKING EXPECT? SURELY IF YOU HAD WON 100+ AWARDS YOU'D BE FREAKING SHOCKED? HAPPY? TAYLOR IS NOT THE SORT OF PERSON TAHT WOULD JUST MUMBLE A STUPID THANK YOU. YOU'RE A STUPID, SELFISH PERSON FOR SAYING THAT. As for the 'newsworthy' crap, it's her personal life. I've seen loads of interviews and not once has she brought any of it up. Even if she did, what do you expect? Surely you'd be hurt by having your heart broken/being cheated on? She's human and she does have feelings you know. And whats wrong with the fairytale/princess thing? Taylor is Taylor and she can do whatever she wants. And if you don't think so, I'll come round your house and hurl 100+ awards at your head until you pass out.

P.S You're obviously jealous of Taylor's success, you'll never be as successful as her. Just so you know, she doesn't need your constant criticism or your approval.

P.P.S Taylor wrote a song called Mean which is about people like you (the person who wrote the comment) and guess what? It won 2 Grammys in under 2 MINUTES.

Okay rant over. If you read all of that you're amazing and I love you.

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As much as I adore Taylor's hair at the moment, I miss these curls.

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This is the funniest thing i've seen all day, oh Taylor.
Q&A "Banana's or Coconuts?"

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I'm crying so much right now, I can't believe Taylor said this to a fan! :'''(

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APRIL FOOLS! ;) I'd never de-activate my account, I wouldn't last 5 minutes.

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OMG, gotta love Taylor's awkward dancing!

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Taylor, Selena, Katy and Ashley dancing to One Direction!

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Congrats Taylor, you deserve it <3

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With your face and your beautiful eyes and the conversations with the little white lies and the faded picture of a beautiful night, you carry me from your car up the stairs. And I broke down crying was she worth this mess, after everything and that little black dress after everything I must confess I need you.

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"We’re three hours in, and I’ve been collecting bracelets that fans have given me. I’ve also started drawing a countdown on my arm to count how many hours we go. Truth is, is we get to 13 and there are still people here, I’m not going to stop signing."

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Taylor you light up my world like nobody else, the way that you skip your hair gets me overwhelmed.

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