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Avoid the M40 north this morning tweeps. This is the view just before M42 junction. Stationary.

A little late... but you called??

No major changes I don't think, apart from 2.2 engine. Doubt this will be production paint job.

You mean like this?

The end of an 11 hour day at ClientCo's Northern Outpost has it's plus sides.

Bollox. My ankle is proof of lengths you'll go to in order to not lose. /cc:

I have these too. That's it then though!!

ha! Will these do?

Yes. Fractured ankle on Tue night. Been in cast until today. Now I have a boot!!

Like these? #nakedtwitter Incidentally bubbles is theme this week for photo's on 365 project!

Wooohooo. I don't have to have a cast. I can have a removable boot thingy instead.

Spiral staircases and crutches do not mix folks. Hopefully when this temp cast comes off on Thu they decide it's ok!

I have done myself a right wrong un. Sprained ankle I suspect.

R66. Wow. Amazing. That is all.

Waiting for 's bag at LHR because he decided he needed to check it in so could bring tac back in this eyesore.

Prev #pics from Thailand have been fun, but take moment to think abt those who died while serving country here in WW2.

Not a very clear photo, but yes that is a UK registered '60 plate Mercedes E200 on a pick up in Thailand.

Have a fascinating Friday Followers.

will this do instead?