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Do either of these help?

Anyone else bored of this screen today? #GetOnWithItAlready.

Look The Gaurdian have a JungleJet on business homepage today… well done to them!!

Did you see my other tweet about how to tell? Forgot to put your name on it! Doh. See pic:

Oh, and you can tell it's from new website by looking at footer. We'll remove this in a week or so!

I may have cropped this tweet for comedic (/wishful) effect.

Especially for , a Dilbert guide to dating.


I believe this is known as WFH Thu / Fri. It's already Fri in my world...

Bloody hell - the WNAA A109E Air Ambulance lands not 500yards from my house and I sleep through it? Low noise that one!!

I can answer this! Fuck all. can't even record location of crime properly.

I gave in tonight. I figure I have only half a day until #NoWorkTillWednesday.

Suppose we are pretty close to Leyland, so DAF appliance inevitable. 's Scanias look more meaty though.

Seems the M6 hates me on a Monday too.

My new bike. (non Motor).

For you!

Bad workman, blames his tools. Where you referring to this?

Just discovered why my MiFi usage was so high today:

View outside hotel. St Marys Gate. #ManchesterRiots

View outside hotel. St Marys Gate. #ManchesterRiots