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Why does Bruce Jenner look like a lizard from Land of the Lost?

Love the song "Caves of Ice' ? Just made the first ever T-Shirt of it on my merch store! :D

Who else is shitting their pants in excitement over this? :D

Why does everyone seems so calm when they poop! AM I DOING IT WRONG?!

what in the name of Satan's dog is going on in this picture??!


working on this as a design for a shirt xD I'll let you know when It's done

Destery, King of Sass, strikes again.

Oh the questions I get on Tumblr.

So here's the finalized shirts! Both should be up within the next few days! Which would you buy?!

Heres a snapshot of our next merch design/the one that needs to be colored. If you think you can color it, tweet me!

Finally leveling my Paladin to 90 on WoW. he'll be my 3rd 90 :P

Despwns: king of sass. This comment is the best.

More delightful comments!

responding to comments. LOL

check out what my next gaming review is going be on! will upload it next week! :D

hey guys remember when...

and don't worry your little nipples, OF COURSE IT COMES IN BLUE.

What do you guys think? Nathan and I have been working on it for a few days! (new poster)

HEYYY, introduce me to your friend