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Engineering Student @warwickuni, Amateur Historian, Librarian-Suspect of @warwicksf, Part-time Airship Captain & Delusionist. 庚午 ♒

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Fish get!

I'm on a boat.

Well... Staying in CompSci until 4am happened...

Not quite as large - although significantly more energetic - as the moth I saw at Heronbank last year:

News : DCS terrorised by giant moth:

Happy Father's Day!

Flying Scotsman ~

No springs, so we're trying to make do with ones which seem entirely too big.

I think there might be a fox or two in these here trees:


Also, here is a heron:

The fruit of today's workshop session:

I can now say I have eaten lunch in a (former) Masonic Lodge.


As a result, the drill bit overheated and the aluminium melted inside it:

I didn't.

sea serpent!