jump back. I'm pretty hot, huh?

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Falcon Gyurko got wingspan:


ooh, look at me

I present to y’all the snapchat I sent to my friends without context.

could be the root of the problem

two people said they liked my new shoes and one was my mom. #mondays

the shoes I bought. who can hate on orange? #Nike #KD

ohmygosh, a cardinals and a jayhawks fan. yuck.

not quite as long as me, sorry :)

my body is NOT ready

way ahead of you



I’ve never heard of Arrowead Arena

what the beep is the point of being an expert on snakes?

this definition is the complete opposite of most patriotic Christians ideology. 180 degrees.


turn the volume up to 11, put the first 40 seconds of this song on repeat, do anything.

: I don't even want to know how much time you spent finding all these kitten pictures.”

: My hatred for chemistry isn't something that can be put into words.”