D. F. Airplane


I perform my own stunts.

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Two heats in and still alive! Feature race in 30 mins! Shake n' Bake!

Coach Wood.


My nose stopped bleeding...


Game on

I noticed very few American flags at Patriot Place. #ironicstuff

Giant claws. Formidable mandibles.
Angel on my shoulder I guess...

He came right at me, with a bloodthirsty look in his eyes. I'm lucky to be alive, I tells ya.

This crazy bug just scared #bejeezus out of me! Then I googled it. Now more scared! #ToeBiter

Even the shuttles are Super at Reagan Int'l. I'm pretty sure Christopher Reeves used these...before he had to get his own, that is.

Fastest salt shaker ever!

Erin D. Greenfield. #19
The Hardchargers
ASHL 30+ D1 2010/11
Rookie Photo

Chartman reels in the Lunker!

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