Canadian Geek. Working on my Masters in Chemistry at SFU. Graduate of McMaster University. Gamer. Tabletop RPGs, not those new-fangled electronic things.

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e Your wish is my command. I inherited it from my Grandfather.

Arg! It gets worse! Someone went over the faint underline with *highlighter* I hate highlighters!

The real bonus points are if you can tell me what is going on with random pages of this book.

Grrr grrr grrrrrrrrrrr.

Call of Cthulhu supplies.

Having some *issues* with LaTeX

  • 1836 days ago via site
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Showing 2 faced polymers

  • 1959 days ago via site
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He watches...

  • 2028 days ago via Spaz
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If you turn up as a zombie I'll have to sick Thomas and the antizombie device on you

  • 2180 days ago via site
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This is what happens when the guys watch 300. Oh and BACON.

  • 2218 days ago via phone
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The cold war started in Canada.

  • 2224 days ago via phone
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I didn't know that Janes Doohan served. #startrek

  • 2224 days ago via phone
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My Grandfather was on a minesweeper during the war. Probablt like this one.

  • 2224 days ago via phone
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  • 2224 days ago via phone
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Hitler's parade car. Wonder how we got it?

  • 2224 days ago via phone
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At least 1of my great-grandfathers was in that push.

  • 2224 days ago via phone
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This is how one of my Great-grandmothers came to Canada

  • 2224 days ago via phone
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This is what my Great-grandfather would have worn in 1916 during WWI

  • 2224 days ago via phone
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The US attacked Canada during the Amarican revolution.

  • 2224 days ago via phone
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