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SIUC Alumni got a BA and MA #PBS Deadly DELTA TAU #5Club!!! Founding member of Omicron Epsilon Sigma Chapter IG: CanIPutDaTipIn ✋@ u twatchers get a life

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oh lawd Keisha cole again and her lazy eyed husband smh come on BET

oh this bitch kinda cute refill huh I got you gotcha shawty

good morning ppl

well u going to jail u just created a paper trail lmao

well fuck everybody that said fuck u to me

I said #goodday shits gross lmao

: Its too hot for big tits RT : Agreed. RT Big tits really are overrated.”

just know

: #DearOomf how are you bad at Gold Digging? Just get a day Job”

I’m ready to harden a elbow

: Gotta go bra shopping soon<<<<”

I wonder what random events will unfold tonight s/o to meech for this pic lol my favorite one on my favorite day TGIF

wait who are you…again and why are u in my mentions oooh yeah it’s like that