Calvin Khan


The only reason you're reading this is to get to the end and the end is a far away place but the end is a beautiful place and here it is: This bio is brilliant

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: Walked out of fenwick smelling like a prostitute all I'm missing is the glitter”<


Brilliant! 'Can I join the thigh gap gang?' Girls need to take a leaf out of Maria Fowler's book.

This might be able to bend the 'no af1 rule' amongst my trainers.

This picture is brilliant.

: Can't be bothered with anything today. Shity little mood”<at least you're not this guy haha

this very picture LOL, I can't believe I can still find it.. and cdot down the leg aswell.

When the media got hold of these pictures though :')

This is my favourite. I think it will forever be aswell. 'We're complete virgins at business.' Amazing.

Everything happens for a reason, imagine how different things would be if it was Echo Bay instead of eBay?!


Fucking hate the word, but yes. Suits ftw.

Story of my life.

: I smell food. Omg, anyone want to bring me some food?”<only if you guess whats underneath.


Too inspirational.

This is so sick, I can't wait to do shit like this with

Photo-bomb level: Mr. Chow

: “: Alright i'll stop, sorry guise.””<

God is good.

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