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Someone has spent considerable time stalking me and then filed their report on Wikipedia. I'm Scottish & I wear a Kilt.

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Calzo's shite stock image of the day #328

went to order food from WOW Pattaya and their website has been hacked by some religious nutters.

This sums up 80% of the human race for me.

I'd sooner punch myself unconscious. She is AWFUL live. #Rihanna #YouTube

pepsi, coke, fanta, ice cubes…

coke, fanta, mountain dew, ice tea...

stay warm this winter back in the UK.

what about this T-Shirt idea! Just Kidding!

Do you know this one Sharky? We went to feed her down Walking Street today. Little bro.

Right. This is the penultimate weirdest photo that has been found so far... the world's gone ape.

Shit, you know you've just been told off my #OSX

You've got to love the Americans distilling fear in an already shit scared nation with graphics like this...

here's another issue… get it sorted or you'll lose a lot more customers.

This shit needs stopped:

#Facebook - Randomly miss-spaced login boxes and too many different font size. My OCD is kicking off.

The type of advert you get when signed into Facebook whilst in Thailand. Someone spilt the milk… naughty naughty.

excuse the bad photo but this was Beach Road in #Pattaya last night. Steady flow like a river.

a bit of consumer research. Would you buy my album based on the cover?

a bit of consumer research… would you buy my album based on the cover?