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lmaooo no they sell sushi rice

I ain't really do shitRT : RT with the make up application you're the most proud of. Make up is art. ❤️

RT : Can someone riddle me how exactly pre-packaged, already hard-boiled & peeled eggs are "fresh"?

RT : certain degrees guarantee a job despite the market

RT : RT : Ladies, RT with your favorite art that you created.

Here goes Lita

RT : More of your fave selfies please

RT : More of your fave selfies please

RT : My allergies RT : Couple married 65 years die less than hour apart

Excuse me while I jump into my feelings

But since apparently Google isn't free for y'all like it is on my phone

RT : Lmao why he throw ME in there like that? I'm not even that short.

*looks at follow count*