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Graphic Designer living in Savannah GA. Online Communications Manager for @MyTelfair [opinions here are my own]

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Hard at work, basking in the glow.

How many cyclists does it take to take down a tent? 4, with commentary.

You know #SCAD is back in session when this is the hanger aisle at Target.

Seriously? Do I buy a new bag each trip? (The yellow and light blue each have another bag inside.)

Swansong how's it living? Yes.

Live from hq

haha looks a little familiar... (my arm)

Just playing a game of WWF... Lookat the ad that popped up! #Likeable

.Man, really adds to my Irish Catholic guilt.

Finishing up pt 1 before heading to the theater in SAV, GA. Seeing Harry and the Potters on Sun as well!

This is about half the hair that was cut.

The count is teaching us how to imagine and Henry just keeps saying "Ah hah hah!"

I'm being so grown up today. I gardened and finally moved my dresser into my room. No more plastic drawers!

10 minute chicken salad "easy meal" cc

I totally can spell name!

Lookin good!

Clearly my best purchase of the year cc

advice taken! Thanks!!

Thanks you're the best! Fitting that I'm sitting in beginner Spanish right now :)

Cute lap kitten makes me not want to work