CYD/DJC Durban-COP17


The voice of the Canadian youth climate movement at COP17. We're organizing in our communities and building the empowered movement we need.

Photos and Videos by @CYD_DJC

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Looks like security is deciding what to do .. The group has announced that they will stay

Security waits while youth & civil society decide whether to stay in the ICC lobby or to go

Before deciding, the human mic "will let each person take the time to decide for themselves"

Cheering after a human mic anncment that a conversation with #unfccc went well

The crowd is singing+ clapping in the ICC. Spirits are high. Ambition of the negotiators must match

The minister said time is running out. Targets must be ambitious. -- "Stay strong Africa"

Note how security is separating civil society and "official" delegates.

Youth & civil society chanting and shouting, surrounded by security #cop17act #cop17 #climate

A line of staff keeps the crowd coedoned off..

The crowd is chanting "don't kill Africa over and over"

Photoshoot at our presser right now as "negotiators" celebrate a successful #cop17 and the cameras hanging out at the backs of our press conference

's Dan gets serious after a satirical celebration (Holy alliteration!)

A toast to weak climate deal on behalf of Canada...

& we're handing out complmentary bitumen baggies for Kent's welcome party

Lookin pretty slick in those suit, created just for Canada's negotiators #cop17

Thinking this would make a nice greeting card for . Or maybe wants a poster?

Slick sharing complimentary bitumen baggies at 's welcome party!

Karen Rooney, handing out little pieces of Canadiana - sharing the real source of Cdn climate policy

Francois Paulette, Dene elder and former chief, does an interview with Democracy Now

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