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I love my friends, they know me all too well-- great birthday present from Mr Alex Nelson! #yum #crownroyal

Oh just drinking

My babies :) they are happy I am home!

... about to get a pie in the face ... #shit

5 hours of paintball... yeh, my shirt was no longer black. So much fun playing in the caves of KC

Going to be a beautiful day :)

How do you know you are driving past Commander's homes?? They have green grass... no one else does.

Well... guess my paper isn't getting done today :) time for Hunger Games, packing/moving, and State Fair, woot

This picture still amazes me- a perfect vault by and judges jaw literally drops..- .267 = ? #perfection

Night one in Chicago... imagine what 2 and 3 brought to the table... what a fantastic weekend in Chicago #secondcity

So maybe I had a little fun at Kayla's wedding... #winning #wedding #shots :)

Gotta love weddings :) Cheers Kayla and Matt

Ohh so you think you're safe behind the car or trunk- Ill just shoot through the trunk or off the ground #youloseiwin

Think you're safe hiding behind a wall- naw I'll just shoot the wall at a certain angle n still hit you :) #youloseiwin

Most random weather everr-- clear to the left and right thunderstorm right down the middle... #weird

Love my pedicure

Explosive and Weapons demo = awesome

Oh hello Mr crab that scared the shit out of me as it scurried past my feet (with no shoes) #seriously

Wonderful Saint Louis....

Best friend commissioned!!

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