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Favorite show's on tv right now are Ghost Adventures and Supernatural. Zak Bagans talked to me on 12/21/11 and on 8/12/12. Still can't believe it!

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I just took this picture of my clouds. I saw a face and possibly below it an alien face. Thought i'd share.

My relative has a peacock. It's feathers r real pretty spread out.Still pretty with feathers not spread out

U remember earlier when u were talking about that AXE spray. Here's a picture of the AXE Devil ducks I have

U were talking about your niece. Here's a picture of my 5 year old niece. Wouldn't give her up 4 anything.

Have you ever seems rubber duck this big before? Lol! It's huge! #TWSS

Check out my Christmas wrapping paper. I have A Christmas Story wrapping paper. See anything you recognize?

Okay I will resend it. Here's my inspiration right here. DAMN!

Look what I found. I saw this and was like Damn. Inspiration.

We've been putting little Christmas trees around the house. Here's 2 more me and my mom worked on today.

Just saw this face in the clouds. Eyes and a mouth. Thought I would share it with you. Pretty cool, huh?

GM, Zak. Have a wonderful morning. Here's another Christmas tree my mom put up last nite. Thought I'd share

I was n my kitchen listening 2 your #NecroFusion while washing dishes. This rabbit's eyes were following me.

I hope you're having a great lunch. It's 3:30pm here and 12:30 pm your time. Having a salad for snack.

My mom put this Christmas tree up yesterday. I thought it was very pretty. Thought I would share it with u.

Yeah! I totally love that one. Here's a reminder. To adorable.

Here's some more trees we've put up. They aren't much, but still very pretty.

This one makes me think what your thinking about Aaron. I know I'm a bad girl. Lol! :-) :-)

If u would explain them maybe I could help u figure out what they mean. I have this book. Love this stuff!!

I saw this a few minutes ago when I was messing on my twitter page. Found out I have 1,666 followers.

Goodnight, Zachary. Wishing you a great rest of the evening. Heading to bed. Catch up with you later.