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We all have worries and stress in our lives. Everyday thoughts run through our heads that are not pure. Bad choices seem to be something we can't stop doing. Read It's Isaiah 26 and pray the prayer below. Ask Jesus to fill you with His love and to remove the stress and help with the decisions.

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Are you happy? Ecclesiastes 3 at: tells us there is a time for everything. I am asking God to give me a time of peace, serenity and happiness now. Only God can give this gift to us so I will pray without ceasing until I am filled with His Holy Spirit.

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Can you see the blessings in your life on a regular basis? Do you make yourself aware of the great things Jesus does for you every day? Read Proverbs 17 here: and understand how great the blessings in your life are. Some of God's blessings are huge but there are little things that go unnoticed that make your life better. These are all gifts from God.

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Are you content with your life? Read this: and see what the Bible tells us about being satisfied and content in this life. All of our lives are filled with blessings from God. Some may be harder to notice than others depending on the smoke screen that the enemy has placed in our path of sight. Pray to Jesus daily and let Him be your guide

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God tells us in Ecclesiastes 8 ( "And I commend joy, for man has nothing better under the sun but to eat and drink and be joyful, for this will go with him in his toil through the days of his life that God has given him under the sun." We have a loving God that never turns us away.

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Proverbs 2 at has an important message about the values of honesty and integrity. How high are these values on your priority list? Jesus can give you strength to make these values a part of your life? Ask Him and He will answer.
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Be a sponge at Church today! Let God's message reach deep inside you. Read Hebrews 2 here: Our God is a God we can trust, rely on and surrender to. Give Him everything and you will receive everything you ever need. God is Great!

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Is there a lot of confusion in your life? Read 1 Corinthians 14 here: that talks about our God being a God of peace not confusion. Read this scripture and trust in God and His word to help you in the tough times. Pray specifically for some of the confusion in your life. God answers prayer and He is always with you.

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Thank You for Your incredible teachings Jesus. Read 1 Corinthians 15 here: The bible is Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Do you read the Bible everyday? Do you have a Bible verse app on your table and phone to wake up to? Have you bookmarked a page, other than this one, that gives you inspiration and encouragement everyday? Stay close to Jesus!

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Do you know Jesus? Do you have a personal relationship with Him? Read John 14 here: A very powerful scripture that teaches us about the peace and love of Jesus Christ. He is the way, the truth and the life. He makes us whole. His love endures forever. Praise God!

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Do you struggle with fear and worry about things in your life? I do. Read this: and ask God to help you with courage and power to overcome these fears. Pray to Jesus for support and guidance. Fear is crippling and can make our lives miserable. Don't let it happen. Ask God for Help!

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Jesus accepted everyone! He treated people with love, grace and mercy. Read this: The Bible tells us in Corinthians about how everyone should be treated with love. A very powerful message that can help all of us get through the day. Jesus Christ set the example for all of us. Make a difference and live like Him!

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People everywhere live in fear of violence, hate and terrorism. Read this: Please pray for the victims of this hate. Please pray for their families. Come together as one to fight against the terror and live in God's will. Ask God for answers and then listen. He will answer you.

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Do you remember when you were young and would see your Grandparents? WOW, what a thrill. Running up to them for that big hug and awesome smile. The Bible talks about the love between a child and his grandparents here: I lost my Grandparents at a young age and I miss them dearly, but whenever I see a youngster and grandparent together it brings back those beautiful memories.

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In John 4 here: Jesus talks to and asks a Samaritan woman for a cup of water from the well. For a Rabbi to speak to a Woman in public was unheard of, especially the fact she was a Samaritan. Jesus did not judge. Jesus loves everyone equally. Why do we treat people differently? Ask yourself today and do not judge others. Do not treat people differently because of how they look or what they believe. If you do not agree with their beliefs, Pray for Them!.

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I believe the Lord! I trust His word! I live in His promises! Do you? Read this Bible chapter: The Bible tells us many times that we should believe in the Lord. Why? Because that is what God wants from us. I believe because it give me hope and fills me with a reassurance that I can rest in His arms and live with the Holy Spirit in me. God Bless All of you and thank you for supporting this Ministry and spreading God's word.

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I love my Church! My Pastor teaches me a special lesson with every Sermon message. Read this: and see what God tells us in the Bible about following our Pastors. I have met so many wonderful Pastors through the years. Men and Women of God that touch people's hearts with love, just as Jesus intended. What Church do you go to? How has your Pastor touched your life? Let us know in the comments below. Praise God and give Him all the Glory!!

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I am Free because of Jesus Christ! The lyrics to Amazing Love by Chris Tomlin (read them here: give us a glimpse into the fact that Jesus loves us so much! Jesus is our King, savior, prince of peace, comforter, teacher and so much more. Adore Him, love him and worship Him with all your heart. Thank You Jesus!!

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I need patience! I have been told by many of my friends and family that I need to calm down and have patience. Romans 8 here: has helped me with this. Patience is a gift from God and I need to accept it and make it a part of my life.

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