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Nashville. 12 South. Awesome. Director of Small Group Ministries at The Village Chapel. Thoughts are my own.

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RT Dear , I just ran into your wife. She's a babe. // Totally.


They missed a golden opportunity on this band name.

Look who came to 's birthday party!!

I call this look "the science teacher." It's all the rage...

The Y hates me...there's no other explanation.

Clicking submit for the final time. Nothing will make me happier than if I'm wrong about the final game. #goduke #GTHC

I can only hope that UVA pulls through while I'm somewhere between Lynchburg and Charlotte.

New iPhone wallpaper.

Matt wasn't happy.

Hey , and : guess where I am?

I'm not sure what's worse: finding out about presale or logging on to see this.

Dear Facebook, maybe you can screen the posts that you lump together re: the Super Bowl?

Quick! Interwebs! Tell me what 80's sitcom my staff member was in?

My staff knows me so well.

This necklace was in the lost and found at the Y. Anybody know what on earth the symbol is?

It's going to be a good breakfast.