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I play teh vidya games. I make the arts. I rage, but only with my passion. TWEETER FORMERLY KNOWN AS Sariel1111 *fin*

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#DragonsDogma Harpy took an arrow to the back of the throat.. them Assassin skills to pay aught bills.

#DragonsDogma Final Judgment

#DragonsDogma #DarkArisen The Bitterblack Isle crew (Arisen [White Trophy Jacket]/Main Pawn sporting the lanterns)

Drawing chainmail is tedious as all hell.. and zen, all at the same time. Love it.

X-Men #25 "Fatal Attractions" Signed and numbered by artist Andy Kubert. Besides Gambit 1st appearance, THIS my baby.

What would The Arklay Mansion from #RE1 be worth? That would be just over 1.5M (excluding underground lab facilities)

Busted out the WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction).. the stainless steel 0.5mm pencil. #Valkyrie [Original design]

why is my account locked down? Bought a 3month Live card I can't use. Can't access acct.. it's a BRICK.

Thank you , for my Mechromancer's current state of visual badassery. #PokerNight2 #HippityHoppity

#PokerNight2 a motley crew. Ash busted.. Moxxi.. bored at the bar lol Cool friggin game :) a buddy would make it epic

.. after update starting Gears Judgment still no new character and download name changed back to Baird.

Deleted both characters (E-Baird, Jungle Tai), cleared cache, and re-downloaded E-Baird and got this..

I have MP characters for #GearsJudgment on HDD (Emergence Baird, Jungle Tai) but don't show up in-game.

#GearsJudgment ... yet neither of them appear in my character screen? Why for? :(

#GearsJudgment How can my Harddrive say one thing.. (EmergenceDay Baird, Jungle Tai)..

Anya Stroud art #GearsOfWar love.. about halfway done..

#AC3MP Finally got a chance to start my #AC3 drawing! Lady Maverick on the hunt.

Want that Windows Web skin for #Gears #Judgment?! Go here: #COGForLife

#Gears3 stuck on the infamous never-starting Wave 0. #ItsQuietTooQuiet..

#MGS3 on mah Vita.. Ocelot got his ass WHOOOPED! lolz

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