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Frank A. Miller founder of Riverside. #RAINCROSS

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⌘ Lighthouse of Alexandria Pharos #NationalLighthouseDay #ClickLink4Description The best and closest contemporary evidence for the appearance of Pharos occurs on the Greek Imperial coins issued from the mint at Alexandra in Roman times. The Pharos appears as three main reverse types of spanning the reigns of Domitian ( AD 81-96 ) to Commodus ( AD 177-192 ). Alexandria, operating as a mint within the Roman empire, as did many other cities of the Greek east, continued to strike coins of Greek appearance but bearing the reining Roman emperor's head and his titles in Greek. The reverse designs (types) are interesting and, at times, a curious mixture of ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman iconography. The Pharos appears first as a single structure alone; next in association with the goddess Isis Pharia and, last, with a gallery sailing past it.
The series begins under Domitian where bronze pieces are known dated to years 12, 13 and 15 of his reign. ( Alexandrian coins carry a regnal date in Greek letters, the regnal year running from 29 August to 28 August following. ) The basic details of the structure are clear, especially the sea-monster Tritons blowing trumpets or long conch shells at the corners of the top of the first stage, and it has two stages / storeys only. The doorway is seen to be low at the base and a standing figure of Zeus Soter holding a long scepter can be clearly seen on a number of specimens.

Matthew 5:14-16 New International Version (NIV)
14 “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. 16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

"Come let us live the poetry we sing!" Edwin Markham

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Nostradamus ~Look with rose colored glasses ~It's not the color red! It's Chartres Cathedral. #Alchemical #WINDOWS

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#flashbackfriday POMMES BLUES

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June 24 , 1717 St. John the Baptist ~ In the beginning was the Word ...#apple #command #remembering #apple #me

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BEETLEJUICE in a in a skull shot glass. I caught it inside the house ~Does anyone know what kind of beetle is it ?

BEETLEJUICE in a in a skull shot glass. I caught it inside the house ~Does anyone know what kind of beetle is it ?

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Frank Augustus Miller ~ Master of the Mission Inn ~ Hands On History

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Happy Birthday I first read your book in high school (90s) gearing 4 tourism industry #GOOD #BOOK

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Happy National Donut Day! Here In the City of COACHELLA we eat CONCHAS ( seashells ) cochlea

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9:40 AM Halo Beaming from Medjool Date Palm Tree ....

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I took picture of tonight's moon, it was right over the porch. Lots of ORBS showed themselves in this one !

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It's raining in the city of Coachella , California ! ! !  We need rain , please #PRAY4RAIN

It's raining in the city of Coachella , California ! ! ! We need rain , please #PRAY4RAIN

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It's raining in the city of Coachella ! ! !  :)

It's raining in the city of Coachella ! ! ! :)

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#Coachella2015 Weekend 1 presale tickets sold out.

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How to Arrange Your Dining Silverware in the shape of a Palm Tree. #PHOTO #BUFFET #FLATWARE #TABLESETTING

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God is in everything...It's always been right in front of us, I just didn't understand what they were teaching us.

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My workstation. I found some postcards that I picked-up in Paris & they asked me to bring them out of the shoebox, so that's what I did.... Messy desk right now & depending what I have going on, I have to sometimes get left-handed with my mouse on it's lambskin mousepad that I have been using ever since I went to an optical mouse several years ago... I know it looks mainegy, but it works and since I do things by touch, when I selected it, it felt the most right.... One should always go by intuition, I try to do that & sometimes I am wrong, but in the same sense, I always bring God / (the Creator ) in whatever I do, so even when I am wrong, if the Creator is there, everything will be fine .... Wait, it's not sounding like a Facebook post, oh yhea, that's right, I don't go there as much anymore.... This Youtube link has nothing to do with this post, but yes I guess it does since I am listening to it, so I am sharing it, because it's a great #YOUTUBE #PLAYLIST

By the way, originally this post was to be about the secret in the Mona Lisa's eyes, I can see it, now I am at Francis, EVANGELII GAUDIUM because I do everything in a circle... So I see all of the connections, or at least I think that I do, & isn't that good enough ? ! ? ! ? ..... ;P

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Patti Smith & Flea of RHCP #CLIP