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#Gophers vs #Catamounts - Gotta love student sections, don't ya? This needs zubaz -

From last night, the Arizona Wildcat with the keys to the game -

#Arizona vs #UCLA - Wildcat devotion...comes with strange hair, evidently -

#Arizona vs #UCLA - I think I found one of the Anonymous hackers...also a guy in a bad wig and body paint -

#Arizona vs #UCLA - This couple would fit better at a West Virginia game: behold their redneck glory () -

#Cardinals vs #Rangers - There is a Marc Rzepczynski fan in the house, but where's the eye chart? #Scrabble -

That is indeed Chris Paul... RT : Is that Chris Paul? -

#Cardinals vs #Rangers #WorldSeries - This ball does hit Adrian Beltre's foot -

Here'a a better look at it

Yo Another beauty in the PT Cruiser family album...

Here is the craziest glove with a Jeff Foxworthy smile...

Gone for a week, but here's a very uncomfortable picture of with his foot in a dude's crotch -

Finally, I'm off caps/vids as I will be traveling. Follow for that: I leave you with Craig Sager Suit

#Cardinals Dead Squirrel taxidermy. NOW we've gone too far. You think he's always had that, or got it recently?

This #Cardinals' fan put on a squirrel costume. Tail, ears, the whole shootin' match. This has gone too far -

This young fellow has replaced one of the Cardinals in the #Cardinals' logo with a squirrel...well played -

The #Cardinals mascot doing some voodoo or something...needs more bacon -

#Tigers vs #Rangers - Michael Young in freeze frame, not often spitting looks this interesting -

#Tigers vs #Rangers - Yeah the tiger ears are cute, but this girl went all in...

It seems clear that AJ Pierzynski introduced Tim McCarver to his peroxide bottle ( ) -