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#ASG - The All Star unis look like someone lost the matching shorts and they had to hit Modell's

#PGATour - A dust devil, basically a small tornado-esque whirlwind of dust, @ the WGC Match Play outside Phoenix

Dude, Jim Lampley went to prison and totally let himself go wild

During the 3 Point Contest, Kevin Durant wore 2 different colorways of the KD IV

Kevin Hart at the Slam Dunk contest with a lovely young lady, do we know who she is?

#SpriteSlam - Larry Bird stickers represent misses, I see two so far

#SpriteSlam - Kevin Love & Ricky Rubio watch Derrick Williams dunk

#SpriteSlam - Chase Budinger wears the Cedric Ceballos jersey to recreate Ceddy's blindfold dunk

Serge Ibaka breaks out the Thriller jacket to greet Kevin Durant during the 3 point contest #AllStar

Anthony Morrow wears the Drazen Petrovic jersey

#Gophers #Mavericks - This woman is NOT happy that Kyle Rau picked up his second goal

#Thunder - 2 fans on the left have some definite follicular chops

#KobeSystem RT : Kobe: "You need to shave, fool." Harden: "I actually don't have a jaw under here."

#Thunder #Lakers - Mo Cheeks salutes someone as a greeting

#Thunder #Lakers - James Harden flashing up signs for, well, what? Wasn't a three...

#Thunder #Lakers - GUy in catcher's chest protector with "BEAT LA" sign

#Thunder #Lakers - Some interesting folks behind the baskets in OKC, do like the "Brick Mamba" sign

#Lakers #Thunder - I'm sure he's a Lakers' fan, but what the hell is Rob Lowe doing in OKC?

#Knicks #Heat - Amar'e Stoudamire ponders quantum physics and the 2/3 zone

TNT puts Shaq's head on LaRon Landry's body