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Russia Flag Bearer is Maria Sharapova

Portugal's Flag Bearer is gorgeous but is also there for Judo, so watch it

High overhead view of the infield as the various National teams fill it up

A: I had no idea Canoe was an Olympic event B: Norway's flag bearer is in Canoe???

Since asked, the flag bearer from the Marshall Islands

Kazakhstan breaks out some interesting jackets, and the first iPad I've seen so far

Jamaica's Usain Bolt, fastest man in the world, is their flag bearer

Israel's Flag Bearer showing some serious National pride, has Israeli flag shaved in the side of his head

Good show, Ireland

The Independent Athletes are having a blast

By request of , the German brunette hitching a ride

Ronny Turiaf marching with France

The cute Finnish flag bearer is, along with her teammates, wearing winter camo

I try to be good about respecting traditions, but what the hell???

The Czechs are wearing short pants and rubber boots from Costco

Well hello lovely lady from Cyprus showing a heart to everyone

This woman from Cape Verde looks PISSED she is the flag bearer

Dug this high angle shot of the infield for the Parade Of Nations

Lauren Jackson, WNBA hoopster and Australian flag bearer

Algerian woman walking with the Algerians has writing on her hand