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The Moby Dick of Dennis Eckersley pictures - Eck with NO MUSTACHE

Shane Victorino's suit has some weird lapels, are those microphones notches for the broadcasters he's killed?

Imagine how much better this CNN headline stack is with "Rugby Player" and "Van Der Sloot" switched

The best photo of #Mythbusters ever taken

I'm not kidding y'all - this is the title screen #DrugKingpinHippos

ICYMI> Bronson Arroyo's leg kick is high, really high. Eye level high.

Hunter Pence of the #Giants has some skinny legs, we're talking Corey Brewer level skinny

Unbelievavle! Bobby Valentine donned a disguise to sneak into the #Giants dugout

Geico and I offer you a meme ready disbelieving pig in a shower cap

#Yankees score 4 runs, bring out #Orioles struggle face

#Reds Bronson Arroyo has 7 shutout innings and one honorary Weaver brother trophy

You know what they say about guys with big hands...

Joe and Jennifer Montana and kids watching the #Giants take on the #Reds

#Chargers Antonio Garay goes with a pink ribbon painted into his hair

Jordin Sparks belts out the National Anthem on #SNF

Wait - so now Sean Payton can attend #Saints games? What sort of punishment is this again?

Dennis Eckersley's hair hasn't aged a day since he was 25

So if you did miss it, Cutler and Tice bro-ing it up today

Epic outfit alert - braids, horns, championship belt, facepaint, chain mail, Vikings basketball jersey...

A team name like #Vikings naturally lends itself to interesting fan costumes