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The curvature of the field at Camp Randall is really messing with B1G Network's projected lines (h/t )

Come on ESPN, would have been a nice shot of Florida's Heisman statues without the graphic

Bowling Green's new helmet and shoulder pad wings, they aren't that bad


Don't know what the injury is, but something in the groin is a good bet

BUTTERS!!!! Also, #PSU cheerleaders

Jay Paterno sits with Franco Harris in a box in Happy Valley. Nice cardboard cutout, Jay #PSU

I don't know believe that Animal and Hawk would approve, #Georgia...

FOX has a hell of a CFB halftime set, monitors make it look like they are actually on site (h/t )

Dig the Vols checkerboard sleeves on the undershirt that matches the end zones at home

Chris Peterson's son is getting on twitter to find out they were on TV while looking to find out if they were on TV

Did I miss a meeting? Michigan State didn't join the SEC, did they?

The #PennState Nittany Lion at the Football Eve pep rally

#Tenn's Cordarrelle Patterson inadvertently blocks goal line judge's view on his side, Bray's TD is ruled a fumble

Well this is awkward, can't really call holding on the sidelines with a cheerleader

Former #BoiseSt QB Kellen Moore looks on with his lady friend in East Lansing

ESPN's makes her CFB sideline reporter debut on #BoiseSt v #MichSt

Model and actress Brooklyn Decker takes some phone video & watches husband Andy Roddick at the #USOpen

The Cat In The Hat has really let himself go. And what's he doing in Chicago? #Giants #Cubs

For some reason, really wanted you to see his new shirt and tie