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Andrew Bynum watches the LA Galaxy take on Real Madrid #Lakers #MLS

Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte on the medal stand #USA

Gabby Douglas with a HUGE smile, and on the medal stand during the National Anthem #USA

Gabby Douglas. Thumbs up, America #USA

Gabby Douglas' family with a group hug after her floor routine #USA

Michael Phelps signals "three-peat" to family after winning the 200 IM over Ryan Lochte

Tyler Clary points and looks up to the sky after beating Ryan Lochte in the men's 200M backstroke #USA

Rebecca Soni with a vaguely Butters from South Park grin after winning her second Gold Medal

Brazil's volleyball team continues to bring it - I present "SUXHO"

This is no joke - Marc Gasol's doppleganger plays volleyball for Brazil #Grizzlies

I'm going with "Moon over Boston" for this one

Also from NBC - a look from outside the gymnastics venue as the sun begins to set

Via NBC - really nice overhead shot of London at night

Carmelo Anthony with a gritty grinding of the teeth #USA

Nigerian coaches wearing some bright green shorts (req )

Kudos to these #GBR fans, the red/white/blue jester hats with bells are magnificent

Meanwhile, Jose Calderon hits three pointer, is ok #ESP

Luol Deng makes the Deng face #GBR

A crushed John Orozco after his pommel horse routine

The Austrian women's choice in beach volleyball gear - shirts under the bikini tops, but no pants?