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Our goldfish love peas (chopped up)! #GivePeasAChance

Our goldfish love peas (chopped up)! #GivePeasAChance

Enjoying the understairs closet until Christmas stuff is stored away, LOL.They've got a flashlight,big fun! :-)

Waiting our turn at the ear doctor's office!

TaDa! Banana bread ready! :-) #bringonthechai

Can you stand 1 more family portrait?? :-) #mommybrag #lovemyfamilysomuch

Last Christmas train ride of the season! Sam will be so sad! :-(

Putting away Christmas decorations <sad> :-(

Sunset coming on!

Playtime! We love going to the park! :-)

Follow up visit at the pediatrician this morning!

About to put out the Magic Reindeer Feed!! :-)

"Let your light shine before men..."

Got to church early, got some front row center seats, woot! :-) #candlelightservice #JesusChristisborn

Oh, look at the pretty little angel ornament Tweenie just gave me! She lights up! :*) #Thingsamomloves

Gave tweenie&friends art supplies to make Christmas cards, they turned out great! :-)

#GH Centerfold wedding pic of a very famous Luke & Laura

#gH magazine pics of Luke&Laura

LOL, found an old #GH magazine while cleaning my hobby room! :-)

5 minutes after I took the 'before' picture! LOL. Too much fun with the kids making their gingerbread house today!