Charlie Burton


Ello brotha I made a pot a kool aid.

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I tossed my hat and it landed perfectly on the two in thick dresser droor. No lie.

at his prime.

There it is, Shrek is dead.

It would suck to be a pet turtle.

Because we're bosses

My dog doesn't do mornings well

Me and have always loved each other. #bros

My vicious cat attacking a Gatorade bottle.

sucks at photography

just made me a ice cream volcano

he got a dollar. #decastro

your my hero

I was feeling little dusty.

no worries haters gonna hate.

Whats up.

A very lonely second street..... #HurricaneIrene

Umbrella fort.

Sunrise. #bestbreakfastever.

what is the point of being here.

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