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My girl thinks she's a hamster n makes her own bedding. Dope. I'm sweeping non stop. I'm just cop her cedar chips n a wheel next

My barber made me Puerto Rican by way of moostash

If life was a woman, Nekozame is the tits

Oh look at me. I tweet cute pictures. I am a cliche. Caption me clever

Who would want to see this picture? No need to post such cliche'

My shaman is all whale eye and no tincture

Xanax will make u Frankenwalk to the diner like this

2 piece, no biscuit

Can u guess what orafice this came outta? NO CHEATING

Nekozame is growin up fast

Tell me what u think after yo class, cuz I can't get with it

It's me or you, chump. Prepare to get smidoked

Caught my man in nod at the computer...that's why I don't do H

goin for the JFK Jr look mad hard

Boom Bap Bulliez BBQ

I really hope my puppy grows into her poosie.it looks like a dick head glued on her belly.

I'm a merk this here n go to bed (no homomie)

Your clam on a half-shell, sir

Emerald OG Kush in the NASA packaging from the clinic

Kiss concert at the Garden. Fake ass Ace Frehley n Peter Criss, but shit was tight.

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