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Note to self, having three Twitter accounts on Twitter for Android causes innumerable problems. I am grumpy. I love Kirsty more than Coke Zero and planes.

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See what I have to put up with!? :(

Books are getting a little worn now :(

Not a perfectionist, just need everything in the correct order...

I do like this ROM's music player... #Androidrulesall

I'm dissappointed...


One must steal this from elsewhere for your emjoyment... ()

Come on then? ;-)

What to watch...

Oh no! It "fell off"! ()

It works! Thanks to for the help!

Instruction manual. For keyboard...

History! AMD X64 3400+!

Although, I was pretty much well out of it all night!

My notification tray is full. I need a larger screen :-(

Is it just me who can see keyboard lettering on this? :-/

I love and hate this graph equally :-(

Sometimes is just too smart for her own good...

I confirm this fact.

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